Well-known synthesizers that have gone down in history as pioneering examples of progress and sonic possibility are too costly and perhaps beyond the reach of those on tight budgets. Thus Analog Experience The Player, Analogue Factory software by Arturia that has softened the blow by painstakingly recreating a collection of these instruments, with wonderful sound quality and all the advantages of plug-in integration.

Analog Player provides a cost-effective way to get your hands on 1,000 hand-picked Arturia sounds, which are warm and impressively faithful to the sound of the synths they emulate.

The Analog Player has Eight synths combine to make up the sound bank available all taken from Arturia’s V Collection. These are: ARP 2600, Jupiter-8, Moog Modular and Mini, Prophet-V and -VS and the CS-80.

The model we’re looking at here bundles a software engine offering 1,000 sounds taken from all of the titles in Arturia’s range with a brand new, retro-styled 25-key USB controller keyboard.

The GUI’s plug-ins were organized to enable you to choose sounds by instrument, type or a combination of both, so if you know you want a Minimoog bass or a Jupiter-8 lead, you can select accordingly.

The interface below or via the new controller allows you to tweak Each sound. With regards to as sound-shaping this is the area which programmers with ‘fully-featured’ soft synths will find most restricting, as you’re limited to cutoff and resonance control, chorus and delay amounts and envelope control via attack, decay, sustain and release knobs.

You can save tweaked sounds either to a user preset bank or to one of four Snapshot positions which are accessible on the right-hand side, enabling you to call up four different sounds quickly, increasing Analog Player’s appeal as a live instrument.

More presets, longer keyboards and a broader range of editable parameters while retaining the concept of choosing sounds from across Arturia’s range.

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