The DM7 USB kit is now available. It is the most capable kit in its price class is launched by Alesis is a leading manufacturer of professional audio electronics. The DM7 USB Kit is available now from musical instrument and pro audio retailers for only £459.99.

The kit is consists of eight (8) natural feeling, velocity-sensitive for the drum and cymbal pad. The DM7 kit pad has a large snare pad which has three zones: the enabling head, rim shot and cross-stick triggering that drummers will appreciate.

The crash cymbals that drummers will also love for it enables them to stop or “choke” the sound by just grabbing the pad by their hand. Neighbors will not complain even if you make music 24/7 because DM& has responsive rubber pads that are quiet and resilient.

The heart of DM7 USB kit is its DM& sound module. It has a library of more than 400 drum, cymbals and percussion instruments in its 80 kits. And 50 preset kits are available for drummers to choose from if they want a more extensive sonic flexibility. Drummers can also custom-create 30 od their own.

The DM7 have an intuitive, easy-to-use controls adjusting instruments’ pitch panning and reverb level. Drummer will have an easy time in using DM7 for it has valuable tools that can be use in practices exercises, a metronome, 52 play-along songs and ¼ inch mix input.

The kit can also be connected on MAC or PC using standard USB connection. It can be used with the included EZ Drummer lite software from Toontracks. It also works in all virtual MIDI software along with virtual sound modules (VST’s). You can also use it in recordings, sequencing and programming applications.

Drummers will immediately notice the DM7 USB Kit’s preassembled four-post rack, which provides the set’s solid, balanced foundation and sets up in mere minutes. Its 1 1/2-inch tubing is rugged of industry standard diameter for compatibility with a vast world of rack components. Drummers will also enjoy the kit’s large wingbolts on all clamps for easy adjustment without needing a drumkey or other tools.

“The DM7 USB Kit is a rugged kit with great hardware, a huge sound library and a killer snare pad,” said Dan Radin, Product Manager, Alesis. “You can use it for rehearsals and performances, and you can track right into software thanks to its USB computer connection.”

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