One of my favorite preamp’s that have been recently using is the AER Dual Mix. It is a 2 channel preamp that I use for a DI-box more vocal microphones and line-in signals for recording guitar. Also useful for active bass guitars direct inputs.

It also comes standard with four digital effects mixes which you can use right on the preamp itself. It contains short reverb, which I use for small room recording, and long reverb (which I seldom use). It also includes chorus and flanger, which I find useful when recording heavy rock for metal.

I have heard that it also makes a great preamp for live music and it’s dual input might be useful for having 2 in 1 for reduced chords and inputs on the stage.

Currently it retails for about $599, but I have seen it online and around town for $479.

If anyone else has been using this preamp, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts or opinions on this preamp, I personally love it. Also, I would love to hear from anyone who has been using this for live performances, and how well it is handling.

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