Over the years, Ableton had developed efforts towards general multi-track recording/mixing side of DAW use thus it gives themselves a wider outlook and they are now not limited to programming, loops and synthesis alone.

With this on mind, Ableton have released Ableton Amp, a guitar amplifier that has the following features:

It has two (2) live effects, namely Amp and Cabinet which emulates a guitar amp and a speaker cabinet.

As to its Graphical User Interface (GUI), it uses pure LIVE and because of the Live’s rack system, it is designed to be simple and the small in size. Therefore is amp’s controls are minimal. (Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Volume)For processing loops and synths, it has a Dry/Wet mix control.

Looking at its tonal modification angle, we can say it is capable. It has programmed synth or bass parts that’s can be essential tool for those who are looking for sound-sculpting options. It also works in stereo.

On the other hand, Ableton Amp kicks out to much bass, which makes strange boomy bottom ends and scratchy vibrations. Increasing the gain results to fuzzy and buzzy tone, which leaves the sound lacking of bite, crunch and dynamics.  It doesn’t have a tuner and since its uses Live effect it can’t be uploaded in other DAW.

The amp sim market is a highly competitive one, and the Ableton Amp  needs more to be on top.  There are a lot of choices to in the bracket price where the Ableton Amp belongs which offers better tone and more features.

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