In all of us are very familiar with Kanye West. Whether it’s snatching a microphone at the Grammys, listening to one of his many hits, or reading about his crazy antics in the news, one way or another we all know about Mr. West. Kanye is taken rap to a whole new level is starting to challenge what people think between being yourself, being gangsta or being a gentleman.

Kanye West started off as a music producer producing hits for artists like cam Ron and the ever known Jay-Z. finally in 2002 he asked the New York label Roc-a-fella records to let him wrap. When he first asked this question there was an uncomfortable silence in the room because he was known as a music producer not as a wrapper for taking the chance anyway. Ever since then Kanye has been turning out hit after hit, and doing it with his own grace and style.

So let me get to the read real reasons of why Kanye West was so successful. Some of this information might surprise you, but it’s all Kanye.

1.) Kanye West has never hustled, never sold drugs, and never really lived “the streets”. Kanye West challenge the record companies need to change his appearance and demeanor, to battle what they would expect a wrapper to be. No one knew how to take this upper-level class guy with a strange sense of humor. He was not a baggy jeans, jerseys, the drinking 40z, kind of rapper.

2.) Kanye West is not afraid to rap about controversial or taboo topics. Unlike Eminem, who will tap into every controversy over there possibly could be, and he will write about things like religion and personal triumph, where a lot of other rappers are afraid to go. He is not afraid to rap about suburban city life perspectives, over the typical life on the streets.

3.) Kanye West was a music producer before he was a rapper. Being a music producer first really allow Kanye to understand the dynamics of what makes a really good song, so when it was time to record his own album, it was more of a collaborative effort with other producers, rather than another music producer running the show. This also helped give him a lot of great contacts of people that he could work with. He had identified a killer beat and hook and rap about an unusual topic.

4.) Kanye knows how to make a good beat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driving in my car and heard someone blasting one of Kanye’s songs. Although the ridiculously over-the-top bass coming out of those cars annoying at times you can’t deny how well the beads are put together whenever a new Kanye’s songs released you hear it all over the radio, commercials, clubs, and sporting events all over the world.

5.) Kanye is a risk taker. Kanye is known for coproducing music with other talented musicians, but may not have anything to do in the rap and hip-hop realm is collaborated with artists like Fiona Apple, who is well-known for her independent and solemn music, and created some great music out of it. His courage to take risks allow him to get out there and make some really great music that others. Kanye also has a knack, for doing extreme things in the media that keep the attention on him. Whether it is snatching microphones, preaching about God, or pick a fight with another rapper he knows how to keep the attention on him in the media. Let’s not forget that in the eyes of a publicist “good and bad publicity is still good publicity”.

6.) Kanye has morals. Yes believe it or not, Kanye does have morals and he is not afraid to rap about them or talk about them on his album. He also is well-known for being a great music producer to work with and although he can be quite a character he is still a respected by his colleagues.
Sometimes does the Kanye pools can be over-the-top and you just want to ignore him, but when he gets down to it he is hard to ignore. This is what makes Kanye, Kanye, and a one-of-a-kind rapper, music producer, and industry mogul.

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