One thing that I have always loved and appreciated is when peole get really creative and find unique ways to make music. I have recently come across a couple of videos of people (or groups of people), that found really creative ways to make music and beats. Whether it is music from alcohol, or a corporate solution to end obesity, it is always refreshing to see fun adn creative ideas.

Beats from a Vodka Bottle: This guy made all of his beats from a vodka bottle and then optimized them in Propplerhead Reason. This beeat turned out really good. I am just waiting for the rap beat to be created for a Coke can next.

Piano Stairs: I call this the end to obesity across the world as we know it, Piano stairs! The idea was purchased and used by volkswagon because they were so impressed with the idea.

Free Beats in the Park: If you have ever been to New York, we have all seen our fair share of performance artists, but this guy encourages any random form of music by being a beat box, and a letting anyone gutsy enough to set to the mic, to be the MC. Pretty cool if you ask me.

IPhone’s IDrums: If you are absolutely obsessed with making beats, you might want to consider IDrums for your IPhone. This visual way to make beats, is something that you can take on the go with you an make some tunes whenever you feel like it. Hell, if you know a MC, you could bust out with something on the spot.

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