Representation varies according to the beatmakers demands and needs, but generally, there are three kinds of representatives that hip hop-rap beatmakers/producers should look for namely:

  • Beat brokers
  • Managers
  • Lawyers

Beat Brokers:
1. He is the one who promotes the beats of the beatmaker/producer. It can be his friend or anyone who has connection with the network of recording artists, notably those who are in search of a new music material.

His sole responsibility is to promote the beats of the beatmaker/producer he is representing. He is not expected to be trained in negotiating the terms and sale of the beats that they’re shopping. Thus, the scope of work of a beat broker is limited and entails only simple, straightforward, and short term agreement. Usually, deals are per beat or per situation agreement.

2. Producer Managers:
This can be classified the most comprehensive kind of representation for a hiphop beatmaker/producer. Since beatmakers/producers will only sell beats and will not perform, make public appearances, and/or maintain a public image, producer manager’s tasks only range from shopping beats to dealing the terms of beat sales, to arranging appointment meetings with prospective beat buyers, to setting up beat showcase meetings with key decision makers at record labels. Visit to learn how you can bring the best in yourself and create your hits.

Considering the scope of a manager’s role, it is imperative that a beatmaker/producer will have to enter into a more thorough agreement than they would with a beat broker. The producer managers have more liability than of a beta broker. What the usual producer’s management agreement awards the manager 15-20% of all music-related revenue that a beatmaker/producer earns and will last for 2-4 years.

3. Entertainment Lawyers:
Lawyers handles all the legal matters concerning all his clients undertakings. He often drafts and review his clients legal agreement with other parties. Thus, this make his role far different from the manager and the beat brokers. Far greater than than the two. At times they also promote his clients.

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