In many instances, uncontrolled small room acoustics had been an issue for artists, engineers and producers. As a result, it yielded not so good results. What in need for this scenario is something that can convert a standard untreated rectangular room into an acoustically-controlled workspace.

The Primacoustic London 12a Studio Kit has that all-in-one solution.

Its form and design looks pretty impressive, it has two broadband panels, 2ft x 4ft in size that can be mounted on corner traps on the source wall, made of fiberglass wrapped in micromesh.  The rigid fibreglass attaches to the walls with metal ‘impalers’. These mounting plates have sharp triangular darts protruding upward and outward upon which one can impale the panel.  As final touch, it is covered with loose fabric that comes in three inoffensive colors, black beige and grey.

It also comes along with eight long 1ft x 4ft control columns that can be mounted on side walls and source wall. It can serve as attenuators.

Also Included is 12 thinner square Scatter Blocks (1ftx1ft) that will create checkboard pattern which is responsible to reduce reflections and flutter echoes.

Easy to fix and easy to mount with anchor fixings provided and it can be thrown in drills too. In a couple of hours the entire London 12a kit can give give you a pro-looking and sounding room you could ever wish for. Simple installation process which impress us more.

We put it into test by installing it in a studio room with 14m² measurement. This room were made at nine points around the room before and after the installation with slow sine wave sweeps and white noise as well as standard listening tests.

After the installation, along with the reduction of reflections stereo image are likewise sharpened. Transients are kept clear through the help of the cutting back of early reflections and increase the perception of depth and clarity from the monitors. The results were positive as Mid-range masking effects were also reduced as the front and back reflections and associated flutter echoes are reduced. In effect, direct monitor source is kept well above any secondary source.


London 12a Kit delivers a significant improvement by turning a standard room close to the level of pro studios. A good deal which offers great reflective and absorptive solutions that enhances acoustic performance of a non-treated room, seemingly close to perfection. And with its price, undoubtedly, it is a worthwhile investment that will leave you no regret.

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