Well, another decade of music has passed, and seems that the old dogs appear to be the reigning champions of the last decade. I recently read this article by Randy Travis of the LA Times, report on the top top grossing artists from 2000-2010. One of the commonalities that all off the artists spent a lot of time with live performances.

Who do you think the top grossing artist is for last decade? It might surprise you… Celine Deon happenings to be at the top of the list, with revenue of over 800 million. Following close behind would be Kenny Chesney and the Dame Matthews Band.

Here is the list:

1.) Celine Deon – 748 million
2.) Kenny Chesney – 742 million
3.) Dave Matthews Band – 738 million
4.) The Beatles – 628 million
5.) U2 – 610 million
6.) Toby Keith – 592 million
7.) Bruce Springsteen – 589 million
8.) The Rolling Stones – 560 million
9.) Tim McGraw – 550 million
10.) Britney Spears – 494 million

Honorable mentions are given to Eminem, Madonna, and Michael Jackson (in the wake of his death).

If you would like more information on this data please take a moment to check out this LA Times article:
Celine Dion reaches peak of the decade’s Ultimate Top 10

It will be exciting to see what the new year brings us with new music or the current state of music business. No one has a crystal ball, but as the world goes more digital it will be interesting to see what is delivered by 2020.

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