The Power Of Youtube And Myspace

by Kim on May 30, 2011 · 5 comments

Without much financial investment can independent artists make it to the top?
Answer: Definitely yes.

That’s how the power of Youtube and Myspace works. The key is you just have something that people will want to hear and see and in an instant you’re a certified Youtube sensation and people will go crazy over your music. Once it goes viral, it will reach enormous number of listeners and viewers worldwide, without you even noticing it.

Both these social networking sites had produced a long list of famous artist and performers. Their humble beginnings started with their sample music uploaded and after sometime it becomes sensational, discovered by major record labels and finally, makes it to the world of music industry.

MySpace, in particular, is one of the ways to effectively promote music, and it owes it to its ability to comfortably host several MP3s on each page with crisp, full sound, increased control over playback and none of the annoying buffering delays suffered by streaming sites.

Aside by being technically capable, its social networking structure makes it a perfect avenue for artists in starting off their careers. They can win fans, advertise their shows, post bulletins for announcement and comment on other accounts events and accounts. Another advantage is it is much easier to create and maintain a respectable MySpace page website. User-friendly that professional expertise is not needed. Signing up is easy, so go ahead and upload your material and make the music rolling. Make your page attractive and appealing as it can be.

Never under estimate, the number one, video sharing site— YouTube. Here, you can actually not just hear but also see how new artist look and perform their pieces. Every day thousands of videos are uploaded in this site. Since this medium has been utilize and proven effective by artists, it has already developed a huge network of stars that make their way to the music industry.

Here are some samples of success stories:

1. After earning over 10 million views of its self-produced clip for “Here It Goes Again,” Major-label band OK Go reached theTop 40 status.
2. After her exposure in Youtube, American indie singer-songwriter Terra Naomi earned a major-label contract in the U.K.

3. In March, her song “Say It’s Possible” (with over five million views) earned the Best Video award in YouTube’s first-ever awards competition. Her first album is due for U.K. release in August.

These are just few and up to now, more and more artists are utilizing these effective tools. Sign up for your account in MySpace and Youtube and be one of them.

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