King Of Pop Special: Top Records

by Kim on September 6, 2011 · 0 comments

Michael Jackson, as always, is on top and he will always be. And today we will name some of his top records, as we all know success is with his music either through radio, MTV or record sales.

In a span of 15 months, seven (7) of the nine (9) tracks from MJ’s “Thriller” album were released by Epic records as singles and amazingly, it all landed in the top 10. In between of the release of “Pretty Young girl” and “Thriller”, Epic’s sister label Columbia also released “Say, Say, Say,” a second duet between Jackson and McCartney featured on McCartney’s “Pipes of Peace” album that went straight to No. 1 as well.

Normally, labels, during that time, only promote three or four singles for most albums. McCarrell, one of Epic Record’s executives shared that “We didn’t want to put out a single [unless] it could go top 10. As long as the promo guys thought we could, we kept putting them out.”

Ultimately, “Thriller” spent 122 weeks on the Billboard 200, which brought Epic Records to its greatest period of prosperity.

Nowadays where digital downloads is becoming popular and a common practice rather than patronizing album sales, it is very unlikely that another album will overdo what MJ’s “Thriller” had marked in the music industry.

As Garland puts it, “We saw the top of the mountain with ‘Thriller. “

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