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StudioBlade: The Workstation for Your Keyboard

July 23, 2011

For all keyboard players out there, you might be looking for keyboard workstations for your gigs or recording needs. To help you figure out what best workstation will best suits your  needs let me share you the brand new line of keyboard workstations, the StudioBLADE™. The StudioBLADE™ series, powered by Intel® processors and 64-bit Windows […]

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Pedal Juice: Rechargeable Batteries for Musicians on the Go

July 20, 2011

Play all you want and worry no more about running out of battery for your live instruments because Sanyo knows how playing music is precious to us, thus, they made and now introduced, SANYO Pedal Juice- a rechargeable battery built specifically for powering musical instruments on the go. It comes with 9V lithium-Ion battery featuring […]

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Independent Musician and Producer’s 5 Obstacle to Success

July 5, 2011

It has been said, success never come that easy. In pursuit to achieve something, there are hindrances that will block your way. Sometimes they become so unbearable and make you think to give up. But these struggles must rather make you strong and pursue more until you reach that goal. Same as with your quest […]

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Introducing Marshall Headphones

June 26, 2011

Headphones and earphones have been the everyday partners of music lovers. Perfect partners for iPod, mp3s and even mobile phones. Wherever you are, you can listen right away to your favorite music and artists if you have these. Whatever  mood are you in, groovy, emotional and even rocking mood, these gadgets will truly help you […]

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Have A Acoustically Controlled Workspace, Have Primacoustic London 12A Studio Kit

June 23, 2011

In many instances, uncontrolled small room acoustics had been an issue for artists, engineers and producers. As a result, it yielded not so good results. What in need for this scenario is something that can convert a standard untreated rectangular room into an acoustically-controlled workspace. The Primacoustic London 12a Studio Kit has that all-in-one solution. […]

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Alesis DM7 USB Electronic Drum Kit Unveiled

June 14, 2011

The DM7 USB kit is now available. It is the most capable kit in its price class is launched by Alesis is a leading manufacturer of professional audio electronics. The DM7 USB Kit is available now from musical instrument and pro audio retailers for only £459.99. The kit is consists of eight (8) natural feeling, […]

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Boss VE-20: A Vocalist Pedals

June 11, 2011

Before stompboxes are for guitarists only, but lately vocalist had been using specialized pedals too to generate harmonies, correct their out of tunes and add reverbs as they sing. BOSS VE-20, a vocal processor different from the other DigiTech Vocalist range because it does not rely on guitar signals just like its counterparts. It is […]

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Faderfox FT3 – Review

June 6, 2011

One of the emerging businesses today is the MIDI controllers because of the popularity of software being used in DJing and music production. The Market is dominated by famous and big names, but Faderfox is different. They are independent and wanting to stay that way since the company launched. Are they ready to compete with […]

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Deeper Look at Clavia Nord Piano

April 26, 2011

With a lot of kinds and varieties of piano now, what will help you determine what the best among the rest is?   This time we’ll examine how CLAVIA NORD PIANO differs among the others of its kind and help you determine why this will be on top of your list. We’ll start with overall […]

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The Big Changes with Pro Tools 9

February 24, 2011
Pro Tools 9

Pro Tools 9 has some big changes coming your way, they have really done a number on the organization of the system and usability. Here is a listing of all the new features for you to expect with the newest version of Pro Tools. 1.) Better control of your I/O. The new version on pro […]

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