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Internet’s Intervention on Local Music

October 2, 2011

Internet undoubtedly is a very powerful tool. One classic example is how it benefits bands and their followers. It provides a way to find gigs, places to stay, and people to [whom to] sell tickets and merchandise of the certain band a fan is up to. Many local music group or bands had already discovered […]

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How To Start Up: Tips For Independent Artist

June 20, 2011

Music industry is really a huge pool of talents, not limited to artists alone. As you know there are other individuals who comprise the whole industry. To name few, producers, talents scouts and record labels. At first glance it is really overwhelming especially for independent artists who started from scratch with no one at all […]

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4 Creative Ways to Make Beats and Music

February 10, 2011
Create Music

One thing that I have always loved and appreciated is when peole get really creative and find unique ways to make music. I have recently come across a couple of videos of people (or groups of people), that found really creative ways to make music and beats. Whether it is music from alcohol, or a […]

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Sonic Producer Review

July 20, 2010
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Sonic Producer Rating: Visit website: Click Here Full Review: Before I start writing a review of the Sonic Producer, I would like to mention that a genuine effort has been made to avoid any bias. For decades, many aspiring music producers believed that music production carried an exorbitant cost. They had the right reasons in […]

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Prove what you got! Make your own beats

July 20, 2010
Prove you got it

Well, you listen music every single day; in the car, at home, at the club. While you listen, you really cannot stop your feet from moving. This shows that you are under the spell of a beat! But hey wait a second. Why are you dancing to someone else’s stuff when you can make your […]

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How to make beats that stand out

December 24, 2009
Stand Out

Be warned! This article contains advice that will put professional producers out of business. This is because once you learn how to make beats for yourself, professional producers will only be as useful as the magnets on the fridge! Only read on if you want that to happen. Beats are perhaps the essence of every […]

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Make beats on computer in 7 steps

December 14, 2009
7 Steps to Beats

Let me guess, you have always wanted to make beats and you know you need great software to do it. If you want to make beats on computer, You have to search online and find great software. If you want to make great beats you have to get great software that you want to use […]

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Make Beats. Plain and Simple.

December 14, 2009
Plain and Simple

So you want to make beats? No matter what style of music you want to work in, or what sort of music you make, with a good beat maker you can make beats that will suit whatever you want to do. Having a great beat maker is a component of being able to make great […]

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