Ghost In The Machine

October 4, 2011

In our earlier articles, we have given you several sites that an independent artist or music writers or group or bands can explore in order to have a placement for their music. Again, these are cool links that you can add to your favorite links. Phantom 4 Music Good news for those who share their music […]

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The Different Types of Record Producers

April 14, 2011
George Martin

There are many different types of Record Producers that all serve different purposes.  It is good to understand the different types of producers and how they all fit under the term music producer.   Below is a detailed explaination of the different types of producers. Record Producers – What Do They Do? The record producer works […]

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What are Producer Points?

April 13, 2011
record contract

Ever wonder how producers earn income or revenue? Or why do they handle a lot of artists and talents? Technically speaking, they earn through acquiring Producer Points or the percentage of royalties a producer gets after finishing a recording album.  Simply, they consider 1 point equivalent to one percent. Like any other points, it has […]

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3 Types of Professional Representation for Songwriters and Beat Makers

April 11, 2011

Representation varies according to the beatmakers demands and needs, but generally, there are three kinds of representatives that hip hop-rap beatmakers/producers should look for namely: Beat brokers Managers Lawyers Beat Brokers: 1. He is the one who promotes the beats of the beatmaker/producer. It can be his friend or anyone who has connection with the […]

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How do I choose the right kind of representation?

April 9, 2011
beat makers

Though the kind of representation that you choose depends on your individual situation, I contend that most beatmakers/producers only need a lawyer, and at times a beat broker, but NOT a producer manager. Beatmakers/producers are already self-contained and usually very organized. We are not like other recording artists; that is, our careers depend primarily on […]

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Before You Sign that Music Producer Contract

April 6, 2011
Producer Contract

**Please note the content of this article is not intended to replace legal counsel or advice, we advise you contact a legal representative before signing any contract** Signing a contract with your producer is an important part of recording. Contracts with music producers protect everyone involved in the recording process by expressly delineating expectations. Oftentimes, […]

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Why beat makers need representation

April 2, 2011

For recording artists, representation, such as manager or a lawyer is their important partner all throughout their journey towards success in the music industry. But when it comes to Hip Hop Beatmakers/producers, it doesn’t go the same way rather representation is a totally new identity. Simply because how Hip Hop beat maker/producer makes business is […]

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