Peavey AmpKit Link and Amp Kit

by Kim on August 1, 2011 · 1 comment

At first glance, you will not like this white plastic for it looks like a part of a burglar alarm. But you always have to consider how it works before you totally judge its effectiveness.  But definitely, Peavey AmpKit Link works more than just a burglar alarm. This gadget is used with iDevice. LED lights when a guitar jack is plugged in – and there’s the necessary 3.5mm headphone connector and a 3.5mm jack and powered by two AAA batteries.

When you purchase AmpKit Link it comes with free AmpKit app which includes eight presets and one amp and cab, based on the Peavey ValveKing amp. This behaves like a real high-gain amp: it’s noisy and it feels like feedback is lurking around every corner.

You also have the option to buy the AmpKit+ bundle for £11.99 or purchase individual amps, mics, and effects – this could get expensive, as the add-ons range from £1.79 to £3.49 each.

When you have this, a metronome, tuner, and recorder are also included. Backing tracks can be downloaded via WiFi, but there’s no iTunes access.

Suprisingly, AmpKit have re-amping feature, where a recorded part can have a different amp model applied to it afterwards. Peavey says they see this as a studio tool.

Lastly, it works dependently on the overactive noise gate but by using its default setting it cuts off way too fast.

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