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Online Drum Machine: the backbone of every tune!

by Wes on July 20, 2010 · 0 comments

What is a drum machine? For those of us who do not know, a drum machine, which is also referred to as a rhythm machine, is a digital drummer that serves the purpose of repeated drum patterns that can be used as the back beat of tracks of various genres including jazz, pop, hard rock and hip hop. There are two version of this. One is the hardware version and the other is the virtual or online drum machine version.

The hardware version is the size of a VHS tape. It has a pressure sensitive pad that is used for finger drumming. It also has a large number of preloaded beats that can be used by the inexperienced drummer. The cost of these ranges from a few hundreds to thousands hence not every one can afford them.

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The other version is the virtual or online drum machine. These are lethal weapons of mass savings since they are as effective as the hardware version. This is because a massive number of different styles of beats are readily available plus the database can be expanded through further downloads from the internet.

An online drum machine is widely available both as a separate software and an integrated version to music producing software. Sonic Producer, for example, has an online drum machine integrated into it. An online drum machine will cost less than an average pair of snickers. The cost of a music producing software is almost the same as an online drum machine. So why not get the whole software instead of a virtual drum machine only? But only spend extra if you aren’t happy with the current software that you have.

If you are a guitarist, for example, and you want a good back beat, a drum machine is definitely a good solution. That way you have easier control of multiple instruments. You don’t have to know anything about beats to professional beats using a drum machine. Give it a try!

A wide variety of tutorials, in written and visual formats, are available on the internet. That way, if you are interested in learning the know how about online drum machines, in no time will you be a master at beat making.

Whichever drum machine you buy, virtual or hardware, be sure to research on it before making any purchases. Ask your friends. Read product reviews. Check out demo versions if available. You should get value for your hard earned dime.

Drum machines have made one-man-bands a possibility. If you think you have a tune, that you thought of, and rightfully want all the credit for it, an online drum machine is your solution. Fame is something everyone is hungry for.

Remember, even if you buy the most expensive drum machine, the result will never be any good unless you practice. Practice does make perfect. Believe it. Try it.

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