11 Ways To Explore Music Production Online For Free

by Kim on April 22, 2011 · 6 comments

Yes, you heard it right, you can have a taste a being a music producer online and this is what music production enthusiasts should explore to discover what best application suits them in further pursuing music production as a professional career.

Here’s the list of sites that really cool that you can browse and try in just a click of a mouse and the best thing about it no download is necessary.

1. AM laboratory TR-909 Emulator
Is made available by André Michelle laboratory and has been in the market since 1984 and is widely used in house and techno productions. This flash based drum machine can imitate the drum machine of Roland TR-909.

2. Beaterator
This one is developed by Rockstar Games, also a flash based beat making application that is not limited to drums but also other sounds can be uploaded to be used in your beats. It will be easier for you if you have basic knowledge of how sequencer works.

3. Tiny Drum Machine
This let you try a great sequencer and projects great visualizations. Created by the food folks at PixelPlanet, this music maker also allows you to control the notes that are played as well as the tempo of your piece.

4. Hexadecimal Drum Machine
This is a typical drum machine that has 3 drum kits and 4 presets. It uses binary numbers.

5. Monkey Machine Online Java Drum Machine
Is an Online drum  machine that has a database of over 10 000 downloadable drum beats and is readily available to be exported  as MIDI files.

6. Zefrank.com Sequencer

This displays how a recording drum appears in a sequencer. Not user friendly, but one good thing is you can load loops that other users have saved or uploaded.

7. Groovelab
Is like other online drum machine but will amaze you with one unique feature: it allows downloading as WAV files.

8. Gen effects
A very simple online drum machine.

9. Transjam WebDrum II
Is a multi-player drum machine and uses a Java Audio Synthesis API.

10.Virtual drum Machine Playground
It has a collection of simulated drum machines.

11.Worst Drum Machine by drx
It really is the worst drum machine! A very simple drum machine that only has radio buttons to program the drums.

Hope you enjoy playing around with all of these drum machines.   I have found most of them to be pretty cool or entertainind.   It is a great way to teach yourself the basics on how to create beats, befoer you go out and buy some expensive software.  Now you have this, try the most out of this and be the beatmaker you wanna be.

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