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Music Industry Quick Tip #2: Don’t Charge It

by Wes on April 10, 2011 · 2 comments

It doesn’t do good to put your music career on the line for some spending. True, there may be situations when you have to do emergency spending and use your credit card, like when you have broken your strings and have no cash to buy replacements, and the show starts in ten minutes, or when you don’t have enough gas to get you to the venue. These situations, however, are more like exceptions than the rule, and even then they are not completely acceptable as contexts.

In other words, you should think twice, maybe thrice before you use your credit to cover big expenses.  These expenses include recording, pressing and promoting. The reason is that you may be spending much on a portion of your valuable career even if you don’t have anything left to keep the other parts running in shape. You may have spent too much on recording, but maybe you should ask yourself if you still have some means left to promote the record you came up with. The idea holds true in almost any situation, like going on a tour and spending too much for it even if you can’t promote the tour itself because you are broke.

Maybe you can consider other funding sources aside from your vinyl cards (which are, by the way, very hard to keep up with). Bottom line is you shouldn’y charge your music career in it, or you’ll be way down the drain even before you know it.

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