Equipment for home music production

by Kim on April 27, 2011 · 2 comments

Digital / computer Music recording and production can be set up inside the comfort of your house with only basic equipments with just enough budget. It may seem to have a lot of cons as to the noise it will create among other things. Most Producers prefer it for it is not time restricted and it is cheaper than renting a recording studio.

All you need are basic equipments like, desktop or notebook PC, Sequencing software, Audio interface, MIDI output controller keyboard and monitor speaker or head phone.

The Computer

Te only role of the computer is to run your software. Most of the will be done through the audio interface. A 2GB RAM and 1.6GHz processor would be enough. Just have a large HDD for storage of your music production.

Sequencing Software

Many Audio Production Softwares are available in the market, but it is important for you to find the one that suits you. Find software that can enable you to wire each component to your own configuration. There are softwares that come with good refills, these are sound/sample/instrument add-ons. Best way to know is to try demos.

Audio Interface

You need the Audio interface as for the hardware. Firewire connection types are for slower PC’s since it handle almost all the processing power. For faster PC’s USB types are commonly used. It is important to have the audio interface than to rely on the PC’s Built-in sound card because you need 6-7 millisecond or less latency when working with music.

MIDI output controller keyboard

Weighted 88 key MIDI controller is recommended because it is cheaper than buying a synthesizer. Its role is to send MIDI signals to your music software for processing.

Monitor speaker

Using stereo connected to your PC is not advisable because it also processes your audio. Active monitor speakers ensures that what you are listening is the exact sound coming for your interface. Headphones are best for mixing sounds but you still need a proper speaker to listen to your work.

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