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by Kim on December 10, 2009 · 2 comments

Many people want to start their own hip hop music production from home, first and foremost there is one thing you are going to need is a good hip hop beat maker. With the phenomenal growth of the web technology it is now not only possible but affordable to purchase and download a top line hip hop beat maker from anywhere in the world any time of day.

But with this advancement in technology comes with an often overwhelming number of choices in software, and that means a large range in price and a big scope for the quality of available software. So what do you need to watch out for when purchasing a hip hop beat maker?

Discover the ultimate hip hop beat maker for yourself

If you are low on cash flow, there are many of really good options out there that won’t cost you much. I’d suggest steering clear of the hip hop beat maker’s that are advertised for free. Free software does let you have a go at making new beats but, you (are at the risk of not being able to edit or export your new music. This makes the track you have made pretty much worthless as you can’t use it anywhere else.

So, what is the best affordable option for a hip hop beatmaker? My suggestion would be to have a look at the Sonic Producer. It is a wonderful and affordable beat maker that will work well for any home-based artist wanting to create high quality beats.

This software will have all the features you could possibly want, including full editing features and a simple user interface that allows you to cut, drag and drop your sounds from one track to another. It also includes a large sound database that boasts a large array of beats and sounds that you can use at will.

Most importantly this hip hop beat maker also has the vital export feature, which means you can turn your tracks into MP3’s and have them anywhere you would like. If you are unsure about which product you want to go with, then I’d suggest doing some research and reading reviews of the different affordable software options.
I would be willing to bet you would come back to Sonic Producer, at only $29.95 USD, with all the amenities you will need, it’s really hard to pass the deal up!

Once you have your hip hop beat maker program, you will want to start making some awesome beats, and I have a few tips to help you along the way. Hip hop is a genre that has great backing beats and rhythmic vocal rap. And almost every piece of hip hop music created contains samples.

So my first tip would be to pick the right samples. Whether they are downloaded tracks or live music, make sure the beat and flow go with any vocals you might be producing, if not it will be very difficult to listen to. Most importantly I’d recommend you go easy to start with. Learn your new program and see what you can make, don’t be timid of using pre-recorded samples or downloads, this is standard and common with hip hop music! You will build up your skills and your music ear for when you are ready to make your own with your new hip hop beat maker.

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