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Review of Fruity Loops Beat Maker

by Wes on July 20, 2010 · 1 comment

There are a lot of different online beat makers out there on the world wide web. But one great option Fruity loops beat maker software created by FL Studio.The people that use Fruity Loops have only positive things to say about the program and when you look at the quantitative information and the features of this program you can see why.

This simplistic and user-friendly to use software has all of the bells and whistles that are attached to much more expensive professional software. When using Fruity Loops you have the flexibility to convert your finished track into many different file types and upload onto various different platforms.

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Always creating a quality and professional sound, Fruity Loops beat maker allows you to mix your tracks when they are completed and cross reference both your vocals and your music. The Fruity loops studio is a fully loaded studio that operates as professional music program that doesn’t require any further software to create great music in any genre.

Another great feature is that you can capture audio from a single vocalist directly all the way up to a full orchestral arrangement, with the capability for recording up to sixty four simultaneous audio tracks… And if you are not interested in capturing live instruments, Fruity Loops gives you access to unlimited downloads of sounds and beats.

The great thing about the Fruity Loops Beat maker is you can create and share your own instrumental effects and dashboards without needing to write code. You also have the option of using the software in combination with other digital recording programs; if you prefer to use a digital drum maker separately you can work in tandem across the two programs.

When using the software you will find that the menu is really easy to control through and that you can customize it to suit your own needs. You can audition new sounds, drag full folders of samples into the group and link them all together. It is a very simple program!

You will find that the piano roll and the drum sequencer, which can be some what complex in music production software, are really simple on the Fruity loops software.You can master these vital elements of beat making efficiently with little to confusion!
The thing that I really love about the Fruity Loops program is that you can add instrument plug ins, which just allows for more flexibility and makes it a much better all round software than some of the other ones out there.

All in all Fruity Loops is a great music production program and I’ve never found any real problems with it and it’s not to expensive for what you get.

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