Faderfox FT3 – Review

by Kim on June 6, 2011 · 1 comment

One of the emerging businesses today is the MIDI controllers because of the popularity of software being used in DJing and music production.

The Market is dominated by famous and big names, but Faderfox is different. They are independent and wanting to stay that way since the company launched. Are they ready to compete with the big companies now that they have their new sets of controllers?

They approach to performance is modular, one of the stand-out ideas of Faderfox. Each model is a stand alone performance tool  in its own right and area of specialty. Because of this two or more models can be combined to provide style depending on the user’s preference. All the controllers are assigned fully to any configuration.

The FT3 built and functionality is inspired by Traktor and Ableton. Most of the function came from Traktor while the configurations are based on both Traktor and Ableton meaning they can be easily accesed through simple-key press. It is a size of a paperback book but it manages to include unbelievable amounts of buttons and faders.

Each model is consists of nine pots, four up-faders, a crossfader and twenty buttons. One of the buttons is shift mode, it makes other buttons two or more function.

All the buttons, faders and pots are well built as well as the unit’s fascia and housing. Since the device is small in size there are no other unnecessarily design additions.

Bottomline is this tiny box is already comprehensive than what it looks like. It is solid and reliable and very portable. Worth every penny in terms of built quality and functionality.

Buying into Fadefox is more than just a controller though, these devices somehow speak to you a little bit more than some of the other brand options out there. They appeal to the enthusiast in all of us, and that is a quality natural to all DJs by their very nature.

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