Deeper Look at Clavia Nord Piano

by Kim on April 26, 2011 · 7 comments

With a lot of kinds and varieties of piano now, what will help you determine what the best among the rest is?

This time we’ll examine how CLAVIA NORD PIANO differs among the others of its kind and help you determine why this will be on top of your list.

We’ll start with overall look. As first glimpse, you can easily say that its quality is first class. Built with all-metal case construction and wooden end cheeks, coupled with switchgear and dials, it will initially give you the feel of its superiority from the others.

It’s solid but not too heavy. With 88-note, fully-weighted key bed, we found that fast note repeats are easy, very comfortable to hands and wrists, indeed, very suitable for long playing.

The Nord Piano is also packaged with quality three-pedal unit which augments the Nords genuine piano-like feel. Like in many grand pianos, it has sustain, soft pedal and sostenuto.

Controls are positioned perfectly that allows great accessibility and convenience. Likewise, the control panel also gives enough space for smaller keyboards or laptop.

We can say it’s really feature filled and its interface will really amaze you. In its screen you can easily see and navigate sound selection only in cases like you want to facilitate deeper utility functions and MIDI setups etc. There are a total of 120 program slots in 24 banks, housed in 500MB of RAM. Meanwhile, it has five ‘live program’ that is continually scanning and storing all panel settings.

The Clavia Nord Piano also lets you experience four velocity curves to suit different styles through its keyboard touch setting button. It also has a +/- six semitone transpose button.

And when we refer to the its sound-shaping features, you will see  two effect busses, a three-band EQ unit with sweepable mid-range, an amp and compressor section and a reverb unit. Fantastic sound and tricky for it will seem that you really are playing a real piano or electric piano.

Let’s see if they can beat this, for their users,they constantly update their libraries for free, isn’t awesome. This one is pretty hard to beat.

Lastly, if the subtleties and nuances of acoustic piano matters a lot to you as a performer of how you do your thing on studio, Clavia Nord Piano, is the best answer. In short, you don’t have to think twice, what you need is definitely is the Clavia Nord Piano.

Reward yourself now, with the Nord Piano’s great customer support and large online library of sounds, a worth investment of all time.


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