Have A Acoustically Controlled Workspace, Have Primacoustic London 12A Studio Kit

June 23, 2011

In many instances, uncontrolled small room acoustics had been an issue for artists, engineers and producers. As a result, it yielded not so good results. What in need for this scenario is something that can convert a standard untreated rectangular room into an acoustically-controlled workspace. The Primacoustic London 12a Studio Kit has that all-in-one solution. […]

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Equipment for home music production

April 27, 2011

Digital / computer Music recording and production can be set up inside the comfort of your house with only basic equipments with just enough budget. It may seem to have a lot of cons as to the noise it will create among other things. Most Producers prefer it for it is not time restricted and […]

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9 Sound Absorbing Materials for your Studio

March 1, 2011
Sound Recording Room

When it comes to studio design, it is important to have your rooms “dead”. Now, I am not talking about killing and cremating your room, rather creating an environment with dead noise.   When a room is “dead”, you will have sound absorbing materials covered throughout the room so that there will be no sound reflections […]

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How to build a bass trap acoustic panel

February 28, 2011
Bass Traps

When it comes time to sound proof a room and take your home studio to the next level you will want to have some bass traps.  Bass traps greatly reduce the amount of low frequencies that are traveling across a room (or if it is loud, across a house).   When it was time for myself […]

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