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Music Producing Software

July 20, 2010
Mixing Board

A music producing software; yet another blessing of the advanced technology of today’s age. But what is a music producing software? By definition, in the simplest of language, it is a computer application that enables the production of music from the comfort of your home instead of having to go to a studio. Unbelievable as […]

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Music Producer Pro Review

December 31, 2009
Music Producer Pro

Music Producer Pro Rating: Website: Click Here Full Review: Let’s be honest. The number of music production software that are being rushed into the market have made the air very dusty which has blurred the vision of people looking for the perfect software. There are two ways which can help you find the right software […]

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Music Mixing Software

December 28, 2009
Mixing Software

Music has never been an easy task for both amateurs and professionals. The reality is that you are only half way there when you have finished recording your track. Mixing can be defined as the art of combining several recorded audio tracks into one. In any given track, you have a variety of instruments being […]

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Make beats on computer in 7 steps

December 14, 2009
7 Steps to Beats

Let me guess, you have always wanted to make beats and you know you need great software to do it. If you want to make beats on computer, You have to search online and find great software. If you want to make great beats you have to get great software that you want to use […]

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Home Music Recording

December 10, 2009
Home Recording

For those who are in music production, from composers to arrangers, performers, instrumentalists, bands, even producers and dj’s the home music recording can be the best way to go. It can be a simplistic, cost effective and fun way to record your tracks with your band, or on your own. Home music recording can be […]

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audio mastering software

Audio Mastering Software

December 8, 2009

Audio mastering is perhaps one of the most important and extremely difficult tasks of music production. If it is in your plans to master from your house, what you are needing is a fantastic audio mastering software. Audio mastering is often misunderstood as mixing – but,it’s not, and it is a absolutely separate process. You […]

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