Deeper Look at Clavia Nord Piano

April 26, 2011

With a lot of kinds and varieties of piano now, what will help you determine what the best among the rest is?   This time we’ll examine how CLAVIA NORD PIANO differs among the others of its kind and help you determine why this will be on top of your list. We’ll start with overall […]

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Unleashing Brainworx bx_ shredspread

April 25, 2011

In simple sense, Brainworx bx_shredspread is a stereo enhancer plug-in, with additional features aimed at guitar processing.   Each knob’s function is activated by the labelled button above it.   The two basic controls are Shred and Spread. The Mono Maker function converts the signal below the specified frequency threshold to mono – that is, […]

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T-pain effect tutorial for Ableton Live

April 24, 2011

Using Autotune to have a perfect effect you want on your music is very easy because this software will let you correct vocals and instruments not even on hip hop like T-pains but also with rock and other genres.   Being use nowadays to enhance effects of vocals and instruments in music production, no wonder […]

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ABLETON Amp: Review

April 23, 2011

Over the years, Ableton had developed efforts towards general multi-track recording/mixing side of DAW use thus it gives themselves a wider outlook and they are now not limited to programming, loops and synthesis alone.   With this on mind, Ableton have released Ableton Amp, a guitar amplifier that has the following features:   It has […]

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Music production using Cubase Tools

April 21, 2011

We all need the proper tools to create music and we don’t just have to rely on amplifiers and our instruments for our musical recordings and production.That is why Cubase is the best sequencing software in the market today specifically designed to produce quality music.   Cubase is widely-used sequencing software with over a million […]

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What You Need to Start Producing Trance Music

April 3, 2011
trance music

Initially, you don’t need much money to get started. If you have a good computer and some good music production software you’re ready to get it on. As a new producer, we have to assess what you can buy and what is necessary to cut off the cost. You can even start without giving out […]

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4 Things You Should Never Do For Vocal Recording

March 31, 2011
vocal no-nos

I find it funny that I made a lot of engineers in music producers that do an absolutely killer job when it comes to recording the instruments. Everything is balanced well, levels are set, the mix is great, it was a great choice and instruments, and everything under the sun just seem to sound right. […]

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5 Common-Sense Tips for Sound Engineer Newbies

March 27, 2011

Being a newbie to recording music can be a lot of a fun, but does come with its challenges and 1000’s of questions. Here are some tips for newbies to recording music, these are five f the most common questions received in the realm of recording music. 1. How can I get the best EQ […]

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7 Reverb tricks that can really make your recording stand out

March 24, 2011

One of the most common used effects in recording today is reverb. Reverb is a popular way to make a flat sound, sound like it is in a different kind of room. Using the reverb effect you will be able to make a person in a small dense room, sound like they are in a […]

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How to get that perfect mix, thinking of dimensions

March 17, 2011

Most of us are perfectionist. We strive to be the best that we can possibly be in everything that we do in life, and when it comes to studio recording, that is not exception. I am sure that with many of you mixes; you spend hours, days, maybe even weeks perfecting that mix, until it […]

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