Feel The Shift With Melda Production MMulti Band Freq Shifter

September 28, 2011

There’s always new wave of plug-ins created and available for everyone offered by MeldaProduction. Included in the list is multiband offerings with multiband architecture and modulation option. This time we will examine , MMultiBandFreqShifter, a multiband frequency shifter. Common knowledge is that frequency shifting and pitch shifting is basically the same thing, but in fact […]

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Steinberg Wavelab 7 Now Available for MAC

August 13, 2011

You heard it right, officially announced, Steinbeirg WaveLab is finally available for Mac. Along with these announcement is their confirmation that their future products will only support Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. Another thing to be excited is WaveLab now includes four task-specific workspace options: Audio File, Audio Montage, Batch Processor and Podcast. Featuring everything […]

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Unleashing Brainworx bx_ shredspread

April 25, 2011

In simple sense, Brainworx bx_shredspread is a stereo enhancer plug-in, with additional features aimed at guitar processing.   Each knob’s function is activated by the labelled button above it.   The two basic controls are Shred and Spread. The Mono Maker function converts the signal below the specified frequency threshold to mono – that is, […]

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The Art of Restoring Older Music

February 17, 2011
audio restoration

There many great artists of the past we all know and love, like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Richard, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others. The trick to restoring old music is all about how good the mastering artist is. What I’m talking about mastering, I’m not talking about how good recording technician is, I’m […]

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audio mastering software

Audio Mastering Software

December 8, 2009

Audio mastering is perhaps one of the most important and extremely difficult tasks of music production. If it is in your plans to master from your house, what you are needing is a fantastic audio mastering software. Audio mastering is often misunderstood as mixing – but,it’s not, and it is a absolutely separate process. You […]

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