Music Industry

Colorful Look Into the World of Music Video Production

October 9, 2011

If you are to observe the mainstream or commercial rap music videos today, you will notice that they are actually focusing on the rapper’s accumulated wealth and property such as houses, cars, jewelry, and women. This is the trend today, otherwise known as the “booty video” which portrays the video’s overwhelming representation of women’s steriors, […]

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Livin’ La Vida Musica

May 17, 2011
la vida

Years back, before the age of myspace, facebook, and youtube, musicians and artists enjoyed a more intimate interaction with their fans. Think travelling musicians, frequent public presentations, and acts performed in community events.  This was the time before budding artists coveted a record deal with a huge music company. The ticket to fame and recognition […]

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Music in the International Scene

May 11, 2011

Though there be no such thing as a universal tongue, there certainly is a universal language – music. And true to this universal appeal, the musical arena as we know it has turned into a cornucopia of sound and style from various parts of the world. Most of the songs and artists that reach global […]

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The Global Music Industry Today

May 4, 2011

The Music Industry is the key financial asset of any society. The production, distribution, regulation and reception are important to compete for the global market. Three of the largest Music groups are owned or co-owned by Europeans, others are the Bertelsmann Music Group (Germany)/Sony (Japan) (Bertelsmann) and EMI (UK), together with Vivendi Universal (formerly Polygram/MCA) […]

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2010: The Crash of Concerts and Recorded Music Sales

April 20, 2011

Music Industry in The US is facing continuing uncertainty and decline as 2010 closes.EMI, one of the leading music firms in the United States find itself in still staggering even after it was purchase by a UK based company, Terra Firma Equity. To counter the decline Terra firma made its desperate move and sued Citigroup, […]

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Music Industry Quick Tips #3: The Essentials List

April 12, 2011
music industry

Today is the final installment of Music Industry Quick Tips.  This installment will be a little more in depth than the other quick tips Looking for some quick tips about the music industry to boost your music career? Try these quick and easy music business tips to help you make your way in the music […]

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Music Industry Quick Tip #2: Don’t Charge It

April 10, 2011
Credit Cards

It doesn’t do good to put your music career on the line for some spending. True, there may be situations when you have to do emergency spending and use your credit card, like when you have broken your strings and have no cash to buy replacements, and the show starts in ten minutes, or when […]

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Music Industry Quick Tip #1: Put Music First

April 8, 2011

To often, we get caught up in the business side of music, and we forget why we started in the music business in the first place. The most important thing a musician in the music industry can do is to work on his music. That is the first and most important one, and not tweeting […]

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The Music Business Rules – How to Get Ahead in the Music Industry

April 4, 2011
Music Business

Be Professional : Being professional is at the top of the list, and not without good reason. You may get involved in the music industry because you love music, and music loves you back. But many people try to get into the industry because they imagine it as one big party. Indeed there are millions […]

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10 Top Grossing Revenue Artists of the Last Decade

March 25, 2011
Top grossing Artists

Well, another decade of music has passed, and seems that the old dogs appear to be the reigning champions of the last decade. I recently read this article by Randy Travis of the LA Times, report on the top top grossing artists from 2000-2010. One of the commonalities that all off the artists spent a […]

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