10 Tips On How To Make Your Music Video Go Viral

May 1, 2011

With the dawn of the internet aspiring bands were given a chance to showcase their music and their own music videos. However since a lot of bands are doing this to promote their music and videos they are competing with each while also competing with those already topping the hit charts. So how can your […]

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3 truths about digital music marketing

March 28, 2011
Digital Marketing

There have been many misconceptions and questions surrounding the modern music business.  With so many ways to distribute music and media, it has been increasingly questionable how to make it profitable.  I have found three truths that seem to hold true for recent music business. 1. Do-it-yourself is not where the lucrative as we’d like […]

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Do Not Be Afraid to Step Outside the Box

March 9, 2011
Out the Box

When it comes to marketing music, I find that people are just afraid sometimes to step outside of the box. I have to be honest I think it is a little ridiculous that people don’t even take the time to really get creative and think about what would really interest their customers. When I talk […]

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5 Ways to Exchange an Email for a Song

February 14, 2011

There is a lot of value to capturing someones email. When someone willingly gives you there email address, in exchange for a song or some exclusive offer, you now have the ultimate marketing tool! Email marketing to an audience can produce the highest sales in just about any type of marketing online. It will be […]

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