20 Different Hats a Music Producer Wears

March 23, 2011
20 Hats

To be a great music producer you will have to be an individual that can wear many different hats. A music producer has a lot of task(s) and duties that defines that position of a music producer. A music producer can be defined and many or all of the following traits: 1.) Psychologist 2.) Music […]

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It is Never to Early to Start Your Music Career

March 18, 2011
Start your career

The other day I found this video of the 6 year old kick that was making beats with a Casio keyboard and an Atari video game console. Sure you might think that the equipment is dated (and it is), but I makes me happy to see kids at a young age, focused in on something […]

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The Music Production Chess Game

March 7, 2011
Chess Game

One might want to think himself what this pro audio and chess have in common? Well, the obvious answer is nothing, but if you take a deeper look at these two topics Pro audio can be just like a game of chess. The player that plans well ahead is the player that will be victorious. […]

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7 Questions Any Music Producer Should Ask Themselves

February 20, 2011

I meet people all the time who either aspire to be a music producer, claim to be one, or are well on their way to becoming a music producer. There are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself before taking the leap to become the next Timbaland, Rick Rueben or Jermaine Dupri. […]

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How much can I make as a music producer?

February 7, 2011
making money as a music producer

Here is a short one minute video of a guy that produces music for a living.  He talks about 2 of the most important aspects of making money as a music producer. 1.) Music Producing is a business 2.) Marketing I have to admit that his presentation is a little bit quarky, but the meat […]

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17 Careers you can actually make a living at in the music industry

February 2, 2011
17 Careers in music

Most people, when I hear them talk about the music business usually talk about being one of three things, a musician, music producer or label representative.   These are all good aspirations to have…but did you konw that there are many different types of ways that you can make a sustainable living within the music industry? There […]

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