King Of Pop Special: Jackson Gets His Mtv

September 15, 2011

Even before his fame, Michael Jackson had always high hopes and with the release of his album “THRILLER”, he knew it will be a start of the next giant level up for him. Weisner  and MJ shared a common vision and he started working to turn this vision into a reality when he walked into […]

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King Of Pop Special: Top Records

September 6, 2011

Michael Jackson, as always, is on top and he will always be. And today we will name some of his top records, as we all know success is with his music either through radio, MTV or record sales. In a span of 15 months, seven (7) of the nine (9) tracks from MJ’s “Thriller” album […]

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King Of Pop Special: Conquering The World

August 31, 2011

Undeniably, Michael Jackson was able to make his mark to the local music industry and has proven that he can also conquer the world with his millions record sales around the globe. Epic executives strongly believed that there is a huge sales in their project with Jones and Jackson and that’s the reason they are […]

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King Of Pop Special: Thriller Time

August 22, 2011

When Michael Jackson had his album “Off the Wall” he suggested to Epic Records that he will work with Quincy Jones. As a brief background he met this producer when he played the Scarecrow in the movie version of “The Wiz” and Jones produced the soundtrack. As usual, Epic Records is worried and hesitant because […]

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King Of Pop Special: How Michael Jackson Turned Music To Blockbusters

August 17, 2011

With Michael Jackson’s birthday fast approaching and as a sort of tribute to his remarkable contribution in the world of music, I am making King of Pop special series. Mainly, this will be devoted on looking back how he started, his struggles and how he made through it all to achieve his worldwide success. Let […]

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5 Music Business Myths

August 7, 2011

Like any other industries, music business has many myths that have been in existence and believed by many. Some hold on to those myths but also some opt to divert their beliefs into more effective ways to prosper in this business. Be aware and know these myths. The Discovery Myth… Some believe you have to […]

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How do I choose the right kind of representation?

April 9, 2011
beat makers

Though the kind of representation that you choose depends on your individual situation, I contend that most beatmakers/producers only need a lawyer, and at times a beat broker, but NOT a producer manager. Beatmakers/producers are already self-contained and usually very organized. We are not like other recording artists; that is, our careers depend primarily on […]

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5 Important Steps To Becoming A Music Producer

April 7, 2011
Steps to music producer

So, you want to become a music producer. I commend you for wanting to become a producer and help other musicians create and better their music. Being a music producer can be very rewarding, but does take a lot of hard work and perseverance. There are says some considerations that anyone should make on their […]

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Do You Need a Degree to Work in the Music Industry?

April 1, 2011
Music degree

This has been a question that played in the mind of aspiring individuals who wants to have careers in the field of music. Simply, the answer is NO. It’s not a requirement. But in reality, it is not that simple and it will really depend on what music industry job you want to acquire and […]

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Considerations to Make Before You Apply to Music School

March 30, 2011
Music School

You’re a music lover and you want to pursue studies at a music school. You’re on hunt of which among the numerous colleges and universities offering music industry related degrees will you choose from. But among these schools, what’s really challenging to find a good one that will prepare you for what it will actually […]

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