Making Vocal Recording Simple on a budget – Part 1

March 10, 2011
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As one might think, vocal recording can be one of the most important pieces to any form of modern recorded music. Therefore you would assume that vocal recording would be the most tedious and time consuming processes. Well, the good news is that tracking and recording vocals might not be as difficult as one might […]

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The 7 Best Plugins for Pro Tools

March 8, 2011
Pro Tools Plugins

We all know that Pro Tools is the industry standard when it comes to digital recording.    Pro Tools comes standard with many wonderful features, but one of the best things about Pro Tools is the amount of quality available plugins that are out on the market today.   There is a plugin for almost every imaginable […]

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Music Producer Life Lessons: 4 Solid Tips for Handling Failures

March 3, 2011
Handling Failures

When I come across a new music procuder, I always get the “I’ve got the hottest tracks to hit the streets in decades” attitude. Now, there is nothing wrong with being proud of what you have created, and the artists that you have had the opportunity to work with. I encourage anyone that is brave […]

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9 Sound Absorbing Materials for your Studio

March 1, 2011
Sound Recording Room

When it comes to studio design, it is important to have your rooms “dead”. Now, I am not talking about killing and cremating your room, rather creating an environment with dead noise.   When a room is “dead”, you will have sound absorbing materials covered throughout the room so that there will be no sound reflections […]

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10 Producers You Should Be Following on Facebook

February 25, 2011
Facebook Producer

One of the best ways that you can stay up to date on the latest happenings within the industry is to follow your favorite producers. If you have a Facebook account, then there are definitely some producers that you need to be following. It is a smarter way to find out what is going on […]

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What we can learn from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

February 22, 2011
Michael Jackson

The other day, I watched the movie “This is it”, which would have been Michael Jackson’s never ending world farewell world tour. After I was done with the movie, I thought to myself for a second about some things that Michael Jackson does 100% right. I would even venture to say these are part of […]

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8 Most Famous Recording Studios in the World

February 15, 2011
Abbey Road

 Before the digital age in the new millennium, major recording studios produced some of the worlds greatest music.    Those days are not all gone, but the rise of the home studio is changing the way that we record music.  None the less, there are still amazing studios that have built quite a reputation for themselves.   […]

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4 Creative Ways to Make Beats and Music

February 10, 2011
Create Music

One thing that I have always loved and appreciated is when peole get really creative and find unique ways to make music. I have recently come across a couple of videos of people (or groups of people), that found really creative ways to make music and beats. Whether it is music from alcohol, or a […]

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12 FREE Plugins for Pro Tools

February 8, 2011
Plug-ins for Pro Tools

Having plug-ins with Pro Tools is like milk and cookies, hhey go hand and hand. The sad part is that many of the plug-ins that you can buy are very powerful, but very expensive. The good news is that there are some amazing free plugins available on the market and I am going to give […]

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17 Careers you can actually make a living at in the music industry

February 2, 2011
17 Careers in music

Most people, when I hear them talk about the music business usually talk about being one of three things, a musician, music producer or label representative.   These are all good aspirations to have…but did you konw that there are many different types of ways that you can make a sustainable living within the music industry? There […]

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