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by Kim on May 20, 2011 · 1 comment

The internet has not only made communication easier for people in separate ends of the world, it has also encouraged individuals from all walks of life to express themselves through the now popular media of blogging. This savvy for maintaining blogs has leaked through various interests and businesses – marketing, real estate, politics, fashion, etc. This same fever for sharing opinions, trends, and know-hows has also invaded the music industry. Now, Audioblogs or blogs that offer downloadable mp3 files are making great waves in cyberspace.

Idolator is one such blog. It showcases artists from various genres and offers interesting tidbits on their music. Asked on Idolator’s criteria for featuring an artist, editor Brian Raftery has this to say, “We don’t hem and thaw that much. We go by instinct…I’ve had times where I’ve just grabbed a random CD from the pile, put it on, loved a song and done a write-up half an hour later.” Raftery employs this heart over mind method in putting up ten (10) write-ups per day. The method works well for both the blogger and readers – various tastes and sensibilities are explored, the thirst for musical discovery is quenched, and artists espousing different sounds are given exposure.

And a surprising trivia on Idolator – it functions under the umbrella of Gawker Media Group. There are also only two minds behind the blog – Raftery and Maura Johnston, associate editor. Raftery also swears by an aggregator site like Hype Machine in helping music lovers and seekers scour the internet for great sound.

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