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20 Different Hats a Music Producer Wears

by Wes on March 23, 2011 · 1 comment

To be a great music producer you will have to be an individual that can wear many different hats. A music producer has a lot of task(s) and duties that defines that position of a music producer. A music producer can be defined and many or all of the following traits:

1.) Psychologist
2.) Music Advisor
3.) Business Advisor
4.) Vocal Coach
5.) Composer
6.) Musician
7.) Music Mentor
8.) Song Arranger
9.) Artist Mentor
10.) Personal Advocate

11.) Artist Advocate
12.) Songwriter
13.) Older Brother/Sister
14.) Sound Engineer
15.) Artist Concierge
16.) Marketing Manager
17.) Creative Artist
18.) Juggler
19.) Music Genre Expert
20.) Social & Networking Expert

Being an effective music producer will require to wear many, or most likely all of these hats. It is important that you do not focus to much of your attention on just some or all of these hats.

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